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Convert Youtube to MP4 online & download

Try my app when you need to convert online Youtube video to an offline MP4 file on your computer or laptop, even smartphone uses MP4 to save all those videos you're filming, so MP4 is very well-loved and universally-known. Here at YtOffline we offer a way to download video from Youtube, convert it to MP4 and save it for later offline watching, listening or even to re-share it on other social networks.

Save format & quality choice for Youtube videos

Those are 3 most popular, but we also offer other video formats where available. We are an online video converter, or Youtube converter online. Which means we convert online videos into files. We don't convert video files from format to format, but rather facilitate for you the ways to download that video and save it to your device. Yes we can convert some minor things along the way, like mux video and audio together, making all available Youtube video resolutions available for download. We don't convert from MP4 to AVI, something like that..

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Quick Youtube video converter to MP4 - learn how to use

Youtube to MP4 web app

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Install our web-app to see this site as mobile app, works on Android and Windows devices, looks pretty cool, so we recommend you check it out. Easy to uninstall, requires no updates, super awesome app.

Yt to MP4 bookmarklet

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Bookmarklet is a browser bookmark that does just tiny bit more than the normal bookmark. Ours sends you to our website with the page URL you were on attached with you, so there's no need to copy-paste.

Your questions - answered

How to save Youtube to MP4 on smartphone?

  1. Open Youtube app, copy video URL - use Share button, the Copy Link
  2. Insert URL link into the entry field on top, hit Download to see available streams.
  3. Pick the size and quality you want, and hit Get Download Link button, then Save As or click the download button..

Do you limit downloads per user?

No, no limits on anything, just don't overdo it, please.

Where do I download MP4s on my device?

In browser open menu and select Downloads option, it will open the list of your downloads, take it from there.