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TikTok has bunch of awesome videos. Download to mp4 and upload them to other social networks.

To insert it here, you can copy video link from TikTok app, - click Share and Copy Link option.
To skip copy-paste step, you can adapt our Bookmarklet, it helps you download videos from Tik Tok quicker.

TikTok Video Mp4 & Mp3 Convert & Download

YtOffline works on many sites and social networks, and TikTok is not an exception. We know how to help you copy this viral video from TikTok so that it'll be in the right format for upload to Youtube or Facebook. Don't make a new video version for Youtube after sharing it on TikTok, - just download it from TikTok as mp4 file, then upload that file to Youtube when making a new short or a video post. Same way you can put your video up on Instagram, Reddit, OKru, etc, - no need to make new version every time, just get TikTok video file, make sure it's the version without watermarks, and you're all set to re-share it everywhere else.

How to download TikTok videos as mp4 or mp3 file?

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Drag and drop this button to your bookmarks, then press while watching some video on some website to see this bookmark in action, no need for copy-paste step. Easy to use this bookmarklet is what Apple product users call a shortcut..

Your questions - answered

How do you convert TikTok video to mp3?

  1. Open Tik tok video you want to download, copy it's link URL to clipboard.
  2. Get back to ytoffline and insert video URL into the entry field, hit Download button.
  3. Now pick out the file format you like then click the "Get Download Link" button.

What video/audio formats are supported?

We have most popular video and audio formats like MP4, MP3, M4A, etc

Where files are saved on my device?

Files you've downloaded from TikTok are saved in the Downloads folder, open browser menu and select Downloads option.

Do you limit user downloads?

No. We don't limit or prevent you from downloads in any way.