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On FB video you want to download click Share and Copy Link, then bring is here, paste and submit.

Download FB videos as MP4, extract audio as MP3

Try this site when it's time again to shut off your Facebook account, but those sweet videos you've shared are very dear and need to be downloaded as MP4 files onto your laptop to preserve them for posterity. This is exactly what we thought when making this page to download FB videos from our accounts before shutting those down due to spending too much time socially.. Nothing ever gets done with that Facebook, so we just had to cut off our ties and go separate ways. We still use Insta though. In any case, our downloader will help you save your Facebook videos, lives, even those of your friends, if needed. And in case someone wants to, we can also extract audio and convert it to MP3. Only it's not the best idea, FB audio is very low quality of 64kbps - barely any base left in it..

Download FB lives, show episodes, your friend's videos

Anything that is streaming on Facebook can be downloaded and stored on your computer or laptop. You can also download FB videos to re-share them on other platforms, you can download FB TV show episodes and watch them on the train to work or school. You can even snatch your friend's videos, in case there's something embarassing and they will take the video down soon - you have it for the future, to taunt them with this video later. LOL, so many opportunities comes with the ability to download FB videos. And long lectures and live conferences with lots of talking and zero visual movements, - those we can convert to MP3 for you, so that they can be listened to in the car, on a jog, even during sleep.. And since we don't limit downloads, - it is the best resource to get your Facebook downloader on.

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